Sunday, December 22, 2019

BIFROST (1977-1978)

I have scanned the first two volumes of Bifrost role-playing game.

I have been collecting fantasy role-playing games for many years, and it was a labour of love. It took time, money and often even luck to get all those obscure rpg's during all those years.

It was an expensive and demanding task, but it was also a rewarding challenge.
I have always wanted to share with others what i have found, especially since i realized how difficult and nigh-impossible nowadays it can be to find even a copy of what i have been able to find.

I have never understood the value of keeping for oneself such rarities, especially considering the fact that there are so many players out there who share the same passion and who may have never heard about such titles which were published in the past.

As of now, and as far as i know there doesn't exist yet an online museum or online repository/library which enables scholars to study and analyze the development of fantasy role-playing games since its advent dating back almost fifty years ago.I think that such a repository should exist, also with the aim of preserving these games for future generations.

"Parchments from the Catacomb" is a new project, wherein i share with you all these titles. I am starting with "Bifrost" rpg, one of the most elusive fantasy rpg of the past, published by Skytrext in 1977.

As i said, it took me so much time, patience, and especially money to hoard my collection (as an example to illustrate this: for the very obscure AD&D supplement named "Proportional combat system" published in 1986 i paid 150 dollars for the only copy available for sale on Noble Knight).

Perusing the "Rpg encyclopedia" on the web i see that i own a copy of almost every fantasy rpg that has been published since 1975 up to 1989, with the exception of a couple (i literally mean, two) of titles.

I also own several titles which are not even listed on that website nor on Lawrence Schick' "Heroic worlds". Why these games eluded his radar is beyond my ken.

Unfortunately, i noticed that trying to scan several obscure fantasy games from my collection meant to ruin them and there was nothing i could do to prevent this from happening. I tried to fix the problem but to no avail. I soon realized that if i wanted to scan them i had to ruin them. But in the end i decided to do it anyway.
Most of the time i ruined the binding.

So now i am sharing with those who want them these titles, but what i ask is a little donation from your part. A symbolic donation. I think this is fair request considering all that i explained above and in particular the fact that i spoiled several of these games in the process of scanning the volumes.

That said, here you will find the first two volumes of Bifrost published by Skytrext.
There are two versions of it: a complete volume and another one scanned in a different resolution and fragmented in nine parts. My advice is to download both. 
The fragmented parts contained in the folders are scanned with an higher resolution rate.

Link for download is below the cover images, those interested send me a mail at to have the password for unlocking the files.